Wednesday, August 4, 2010

1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition

Going through some old family papers of my French grandmother's I found these post cards from the 1915 Pan-Pacific exposition in San Francisco. I thought they were stunning and wanted to share. The only structure that is left from that time is the Palace of Fine Arts.

Birdseye View of the Pan-Pacific Exposition

Palace of Fine Arts

Tower of Jewels

Arch of the Rising Sun – Court of the Universe

Mullgardt's Tower – Court of Abundance

Palace of Horticulture

Festival Hall

Palace of Education

Palm Avenue

Fountain of Ceres – Court of Four Seasons


  1. What breathtaking photographs. I live near S.F. and did not remember ever seeing these buildings - then I re-read your notes at top. How sad that they are long gone. They were treasures.

  2. Actually, there is another pavilion that has survived. The Palace of the Legion of Honor is a near exact replica of the French Pavilion at the 1915 Exposition. It was greatly admired by Alma Spreckels who then had a replica built a few years later a few miles away from the original in Lincoln Park. It remains our beloved fine arts museum.